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Three Nights before Christmas (Montana Born Christmas) - Kat Latham

Lacey Gallagher was finally being released from prison.  She was convicted of helping her then boyfriend transport drugs for sale.  Since she worked on a train, he would give her a briefcase filled with drugs that she would deliver to his "friend".  She didn't realize they were drugs.  She trusted him.  Big mistake.  Lacey knew she was innocent but ending up going to jail anyways.  After Lacey's release, she got back to her hometown just before Thanksgiving and was happy she could help her brother out with the family tree farm.  One day while working who does she see, but officer Austin Wilder, the man who arrested her.

I really enjoyed this story of Lacey and Austin.  How fun to fall in love with the man who arrested you and made your life miserable!  I loved how these two didn't like each other, but as it turned out Austin needed help with an old train that he wanted to get back up and running, and she was the only person who would fix the train for free.  It was fun seeing how once these two starting really knowing each other, that they both realized that what they thought they knew of each other was really not true.

It was fun learning about what things are like in prison and how people are treated once they are out.  It was also fun learning about all the train stuff.  What a really unique job.  And the Christmas sweater that Lacey made for Austin!  Priceless!

Overall, this was a fun, enjoyable holiday story, with interesting characters and a fun story line.