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Fighting for Devlin: A Lost Boys Novel - Jessica Lemmon

Rena Lewis has spent the last four years mourning over the loss of her first boyfriend and the love of her life.  Now at 22, she is just drifting through life.  Rena has started a new job at the Oak & Sage restaurant because she lost her old one and is curious about the owner, Devlin Calvary.

Devlin Calvary has had a rough life.  His mom left when he was little and his father was a gambling addict and committed suicide when Devlin was 18.  A family friend, Paul took Devlin in to live with them.  Sonny, a bookie that Devlin's dad owed a lot of money to let him slowly pay off his dad's debt in exchange for helping him collect bet money at the family's restaurant.  

Devlin has noticed Rena but doesn't want to act on anything because she is an employee.  Of course things change very quickly.  Both Devlin and Rena have so many scars from their past they are afraid to let go and just feel.  Just about the time things are looking up for both of these two, a surprising twist takes place and blows everything up.  The self-inflicted heartache that these two went through was sad.  They both needed each other but were too stubborn to realize it.  At least Devlin and Rena finally came to their senses and got their happy ending.

Overall this was an enjoyable story with likable characters.  I would recommend giving it a try.