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Accelerate: A Hotwired Novel - Tracy Wolff

Jordan Bass has had it rough since she was attacked over three years ago at college. Two years ago Jordan decided to move to San Diego to start on a new life, at a new college. After her car is totaled, Jordan buys a used car through a police auction but the interior seats are all ripped up. Her friend tells her about a place where drag races take place and that she could get a guy, Raul to fix the seats cheap. While at the drag races she sees this guy....this hot guy. This tall, gorgeous guy with dreads who has bad ass written all over him. Enter Nic Medina, owner of the best garage in the LA area, Hotwired. This guy has many demons from his past but is trying to be on the straight and narrow and Jordan just can't seem to get this guy off her mind.

Nic is being forced to steal Jordan's car, and she happens to see it happening. Nic has to get this car and ends up kidnapping her. I loved this part of the story. Usually you don't fall in love with a kidnapper, but the author sure made that happen during this part!

After Jordan understands what is happening, a truce is formed. During this time feelings start to emerge more than just the initial lust. Realizing that they are in danger Nic decides to protect Jordan. I loved this part of story. Very good mixture of suspense and sexy times.

I really enjoyed all the supporting characters too. The people in the garage seem like a great group of people. I can't wait to get into Jace's story! ;)

Overall I really enjoyed this story in a new series by Tracy Wolff and look forward to reading the rest.