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Denial (Careless Whispers) - Lisa Renee Jones
Ella awakens in a hospital in Italy starring into the prettiest blue eyes she has ever seen. This beautiful stranger explains to her that she has a concussion and is in a hospital. Ella realizes she has lost all her memories. This mysterious man, Kayden Wilkens, tells her he found her in an alley way and brought her to the hospital. Ella feels some strange pull towards this man but doesn't know why. Kayden convinces Ella that he wants to help her and explains that he can protect her from whomever hurt her in the alley way.

Throughout their time together Ella and Kayden grow closer. He is trying to help her gain back her memories and using his connections to figure out who she really is. Kayden explains that he is in charge of the The Underground in Italy, a group that finds things for people for a price and has a group of people who work for him.

As their relationship progresses to the next level, and as Ella's memory is starting to come back in parts, they both are feeling content with the situation, but at the same time are both worried about things from their pasts.

When Kayden has to suddenly leave for work, Ella wanders around his castle and stumbles upon a picture that really freaks her out. When Kayden returns home she confronts him in a BIG way! Wow! The way this author develops her stories to have such a great cliffhanger is awesome. The only thing that stinks is how long I have to wait to read what happens next!!!!!! UGH!!!

Overall these are two wonderful characters with such depth to them and the story that these two are involved in is just crazy. I cannot wait to see where this series is going to end!