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Dare to Seduce (Dare to Love ) (Volume 8) - Carly Phillips

I just adore Carly Phillips' Dare series. Ian and Gabe have been my favorites. Well, I think Max Savage is giving them a run for their money! His name alone exudes sex!

Max has longed for little Lucy Dare ever since she had come home from college. Unfortunately, Max figured Lucy's brothers, Gabe and Decklan would have a huge problem with him wanting to be with Lucy so he never pursued anything. Over the next few years, Lucy moved to California for work, while Max ended up marrying Cindy, who was killed in a car accident 4 years later. Neither of them were very happy. Now that Lucy is back in town for Decklan's wedding, Max finally gets her brother's blessing and he decides to make his move. He doesn't care if she brought some guy with her from California.

I loved the way Max kept working on Lucy to convince her that he really had feelings for her and wasn't just looking for sex. I just adored how sweet and thoughtful he was, while at the same time being a typical cocky, alpha male! Their time on the island of Eden was wonderful and sexy...really sexy! ;)

I enjoyed how they worked together to open up a new restaurant Savage in Soho (great name), and really enjoyed the character of Sabastian, the chef he hired. He was a hoot! Too bad he isn't a Dare...I bet he'd have a great story!

Overall another great addition to the Dare series!