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A Winter Wedding (Whiskey Creek) - Brenda Novak

We are finally getting Kyle Houseman's story. He has been in love with Olivia, his stepbrother, Brandon's wife for a long time, back when she used to be his but he screwed it up by sleeping with her sister while they were on a break. That indiscretion turned into a pregnancy and Kyle ended up marrying Noelle. After Noelle "lost" the baby, Kyle wanted nothing to do with her but she still remains a thorn in his side. All Kyle would love is to find another woman who makes him feel like Olivia does and get Noelle out of his life for good.

Enter Lourdes Bennett...country music superstar who has come to Whiskey Creek to unwind and write music for her new album and just happens to rent a place form Kyle. Lourdes' fiance, Derrick, set everything up but at the last minute decides not to go with Lourdes. Lourdes has been feeling distant from Derrick over the last few months and is convinced he is cheating on her. When the heat in the guesthouse is not working, Kyle invites Lourdes to stay in the main house until he get can someone out to fix it. Of course Kyle's new guest does not sit well with his ex, Noelle. She wants Kyle back and trying anything and everything to make that happen.

I loved the slow development of Kyle and Lourdes relationship. First they were friends who needed a shoulder to lean on, but then it changed into something more. I loved how they had an instant attraction to each other but it took a little for them to act on it. I really enjoyed how they helped each other with the issues they each had in their own lives. A good relationship starts with a great friendship first.

I loved the story that played out with Olivia and Brandon and how everything came full circle. I can't even begin to imagine having an ex as crazy as Noelle, but it was an entertaining part to the story.

I wish there was a little more of Riley and Phoenix's wedding. Those two went through so much to finally get together, it would have been nice to read.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet, sexy and a little suspenseful at the same time. I can't wait to read more about Kyle and Lourdes's future!