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Friction (Legal Affairs) - Sawyer Bennett
I have yet to be disappointed by a Sawyer Bennett book and this one is no exception.

Leary Michaels is a lawyer who works at Knight & Payne, a law firm that works for the little guy. She reminds me of a female Matt Connover from Sawyer Bennett's Legal Affairs series. She is a tough, no holds barred type of woman. She uses her feminine ways to get ahead of her competition any way she can.

Leary is working on the biggest, most personal case of her career and it means a lot to her. She wants to get a better understanding of the opposing council so she decides to work her female magic on the unsuspecting lawyer she will be opposing on her the case. What a great first meeting! Brilliant writing!

Of course sparks fly between Leary and Reeve Holloway. These two are a lot alike in many ways and they find they can't stay away from each other even though it is wrong. The path these two had to take to reach their happy ending was great, emotional and sexy.....even HOT at times.
I love how these two strong willed people brought such emotion into their relationship. I'm also really hoping the epilogue indicates we are getting Ford's story next! ;)