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Dare to Want More: Dare to Love Series: Collection One - Carly Phillips

This box set includes four books in Carly Phillips' Dare series. If you like your romance a little hotter and a little sexier then try these out!

Dare to Love :
Carly Phillips is an auto-buy for me. I just love her books. She has really turned up the heat on this one and I really enjoyed it. The hero, Ian Dare and the heroine, Riley Taylor both have some serious issues from the past. They both want to control everything in their lives because of things that happened in the past. It was enjoyable watching these two learn how to give up some of that control they needed to cope. I loved all of the other characters, especially Ian's half brother, Alex. Such a great storyline with these characters and I can't wait to learn more about each of Ian's siblings and half siblings. All in all great story with great characters. My only complaint would be that it was shorter in length than a usual Carly book and since I love Carly's books I wished it went on longer! ;)

Dare to Desire :
Alex Dare has it all...quarterback of the Tampa Breakers...single playboy who has his pick of woman...and enough money to do whatever he wished. Except have the one woman he really wanted. A few months ago Alex met Madison Evans at the hospital and she wouldn't give him the time of day. Flash forward and Alex has finally hooked up with Madison, who has become quite chummy with his family. During the Thanksgiving weekend football game, Alex receives a hit that is probably career ending. When Madison visits Alex in the hospital, he lashes out and tells her to go away. Hurt, she does, vowing never to give him the time of day again!

Alex is in a deep depression since his career is over. His half brother, Ian, the president of the Miami Thunder, has a proposition for Alex. He also has a new job he wants Madison to do. Little do Alex and Madison know that they will be working with each other! What a great way to push these two together! I loved how they slowly worked their way back to each other. It took awhile but these two eventually got their happy ending and Madison got the family she always longed for. Their ending was just perfect for them!

Overall a great, sexy story!

Dare to Touch :
Just when I think there is no way Carly Phillips' can write a better book than the one before, I am proven wrong again. Dare to Touch is about Olivia Dare and Dylan Rhodes. Olivia is a strong, hardworking member of the Miami Thunder's Execute Team. She puts all her passion into her work. Unfortunately for Dylan, who is the team's Travel Director, he would like some of that passion to come his way. Dylan finally decides to take matters into his own hands at Olivia's birthday party. He pulls her into the hallway, gives her one of the best kisses she has ever had, gives her her present and walks away. Dylan knows he wants a relationship with Olivia but he can tell that she tends to shy away from relationships. He is determined to break through her guarded walls and get through to her. Olivia's back story just broke my heart. On more than one occasion I found myself tearing up. Dylan's childhood was different, yet the same. How these two wounded hearts could find each other just made their relationship stronger. I loved their journey to their happy ending. It was sweet, sexy and emotional. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Olivia's sister Avery and cannot wait for her story. She seems like a hoot! I am really enjoying all these crazy Dare family members.

Dare to Hold :
We first met Meg Thompson in Dare to Touch. After her unstable ex, Mike, pushed her and she landed in the hospital and almost lost her baby, Meg meets Scott Dare when he's the policeman who takes her statement. Immediately these two are drawn to each other. Meg is determined to stand on her own two feet after a long string of unhealthy attachments to men, including Scott's sister Olivia's husband, Dylan. Scott on the other hand is determined to protect and take care of Meg based on his nurturing ways.

Scott comes to Meg's rescue one night at a bar and agrees to take her home. She tells him her friends just wanted her to find a one night stand to enjoy before her pregnancy starts showing and of course Scott is more than happy to offer his services! What neither of them ever thought was how explosive they would be together. Afterwards, Scott is determined to be with Meg for more than just one night.

A week later Scott shows up at Meg's place just after Mike ignores the restraining order Meg has against him. Of course Scott is in full protective mode. While Scott is protecting Meg, their feelings continue to grow until Scott reveals a big secret from his past. This causes Meg to withdraw. Meg and Scott both need to overcome damaging events from their pasts in order to move forward into a future together.

The way these two interacted with each other was perfect. Scott could determine what things Meg needed emotionally or physically at just the right times and she did the same for him. Sexually they were explosive!

Their happy ending was just wonderful and I can't wait to see more into their future.