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Barefoot With a Stranger (Barefoot Bay Undercover Book 2) - Roxanne St. Claire

Barefoot with a Stranger is Francesca Rossi's story, better known as Chessie to her family, and the youngest of the Rossi siblings. Gabe has asked Chessie to come to Barefoot Bay to help him find out what happened to the love of his life, Isadora Winter and the possible child she had, which his assumes would be his. While at the airport, Chessie sees this man, Malcom Harris, that she is instantly attracted to and decides to flirt a little. What Chessie doesn't know is that 1. Mal has just gotten out of jail and 2. he is actually a friend of Gabes! Mal also thinks that Chessie is a CIA agent who is suppose to cozy up to him to keep apprised of where he always is. LOL After the airport cancels their flight they decide to go to a hotel for the night. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. Afterwards while they are talking Chessie tells Mal her last name. OMG! Mal's reaction was too funny and he couldn't high tale it out of there any quicker. As Chessie is getting dressed to leave she finds a listening bug in the room and is horrified to think someone was listening to everything they were doing. Chessie decides to rent a car and just drive to Barefoot Bay.

Chessie arrives and Gabe starts explaining to her that she will have to go to Cuba and he has a great cover for her. She will be going with a friend of his, an ex-CIA guy, who happens to arrive just then. Mal, her one-night stand is the person going with her to Cuba! The story line of these two in Cuba was great. They had such great chemistry together. Chessie and Mal were two people both missing something in their lives that they both ended up finding. It was interesting learning about the way things are in Cuba. Some parts of it were really sad. The suspenseful ending part really kept me intrigued though....and even shocked during some parts of it! Chessie and Mal's happy ending was perfect too! I hope we get to hear more about these two!

As for the little peek into Gabe's story...OMG! I so cannot wait for this story!

Overall, another great story from Roxanne St. Claire. I just adore the characters and love the comedy with Poppy and Nino! Thanks for a great read!