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Everything I Left Unsaid - Molly O'Keefe

I have never read anything by M. O'Keefe before and didn't realize what I was missing. WOW!

Annie McKay is on the run. She has spent her 24 years always being told what to do and how to do it and she has had enough. Trying to escape a bad situation, Annie finds herself in North Carolina, with little money and no job. She finds a trailer park with cheap rent and a job offer to do outside cleanup of the land. Once in her trailer she hears a phone ringing. She finds a phone in the trailer and decides to answer the caller identified as Dylan and is immediately taken by his deep voice. For some reason after talking to him Annie feels safe. He explains that this phone was used for watching her neighbor Ben and would she want to do it. She agrees.

The two of them start communicating over the phone. He encourages her to be open and do more things that she has never done before. Their conversations were great! I loved the things these two did and said over the phone. I really loved how Dylan was able to get Annie to be more daring. Both of these two have secrets that they were keeping from each other but there just seemed to be something pulling them together.

I really enjoyed all of the other characters in the story and how they were woven together. And when these two finally met face to face....BOOM! WOW!

This story was very enjoyable to read and it does end on a huge cliffhanger. I love how these two lost souls may have found the missing piece to make them whole again. I can't wait to read the next book to hopefully read their happy ever after!