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Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel - Tracy Wolff
This is the third book in Tracy Wolff's An Extreme Risk Novel series.  

Cameron "Cam" Bradley is the best in the world in women's snowboarding at the age of 21.  Her best friends are Z Michaels, Ash Lewis and Luc Jennings, all world class snowboarders in the men's group.  For years Cam had a crush on Z, while at the same time Luc only had eyes for Cam.  Since Cam was Luc's best friend, he never pursued anything with her.  After one night of drinking Cam and Luc hook up.  What Luc thinks was the best night of his life, Cam thinks of a little differently.  She wakes up in the middle of the night, freaks out and leaves.  Luc doesn't understand what happened and is pissed.  This was Cam who could tell him anything.  Now the two are barely talking.  He thinks he must not be good enough for her, because he's a good snowboarder, but not as good as Z or Ash.  

While in her awkwardness with Luc, Cam's mom, who has been gone for 17 years, decides to come back home.  Cam is pissed.  Why now, after all these years.  She can't handle this news so she goes to the one place that has always made her feel good....Luc's.  While at Luc's things slowly start to move forward between these two and before you know it they are hot and heavy.  Things are looking good for awhile, but of course that can't continue.  They seem to have many misunderstandings with one of them storming off.  The one thing I didn't understand is if these two had such great communication as friends, why didn't they while they were "together"?

I loved the photo shoot....very fun!

After a night of BIG miscommunications, Cam gets pissed and leaves and moves in with Z and his girlfriend Ophelia.  Cam and Luc don't talk for 3 months!  3 MONTHS!!!!  A new development has happened and Z is sick of the BS.  He finally tells people they need  to get their shit together.

I liked the turn this story took at the end, and really liked their happy ending, I just wished there would have been more story farther into the future to see how everything played out.