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Infinite Possibilities - Lisa Renee Jones

This is book #2 in the Secret Life of Amy Bensen series. It picks up where the first one left off. Amy left Liam after she overheard him talking to Derek about her. She starts to feel that she cannot trust him anymore. Amy decides she needs to make her way to back to her hometown in Texas and confront her demons that keep haunting her. She is on a plane ready to leave and makes an excuse to get off to find her mom who isn't there yet. She thinks she has fooled everyone by escaping but as she is getting into a taxi she sees Liam. He tries to convince her that is not the bad guy but she leaves anyway. As Amy keeps running away, Liam keeps finding her. Just as things are starting to come together, Amy leaves again, this time with Meg, who is claiming to be her brother's wife! While these two are running, she sees Jared, from New York. He tells her not to trust Meg but to trust him. He was proof he is friends with her brother. As she is hiding out with Jared in a motel in her hometown, Liam finds her! Fun confrontation! They work together to figure out who is behind all of this. Once they do, they decide to confront the person with the proof that Chad left her so this person would leave her alone. In the meantime, Amy has an unfortunate health issue and is comforted by Liam. Amy and Liam believe they can know move on with their lives after confronting the person trying to kill her. What they don't know is that Chad is still alive, being kept a prisoner somewhere!

This story has so many twists and turns you can't put it down. I love these two characters and can't wait for their complete happy ending!