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The Heat of the Moment - Katie Rose

Gavin King is a superstar of the Los Angeles Dodgers and living the high life. He gets hurt in a game and ends up being traded to the New Jersey Sonics and his world comes crashing down. Now at the Sonics, Gavin has to rehab his knee with Jessica Hart, one of the team's physical trainers. There is an instant attraction between these two. Too bad Jessica has sworn off ball players. After her last boyfriend, who was a ball player, cheated on her she has a bad taste for any guy who plays ball.

As Gavin's life is slowly falling apart, he finds a kindred spirit with Jessica. She is not normally the type of woman he falls for but he really enjoys spending time with her.

I adored Jessica. She was a strong, tough woman. I guess having five brothers helps! I even enjoyed her brothers. They were funny and overprotective at the same time.

Gavin was a great hero too. Tall, dark and hot, my favorite attributes! I loved how he seemed the playboy type, but deep down he really was a nice guy. I loved how his feelings for Jessica slowly developed. The chemistry between these two was great.

Overall another great book from Katie Rose in her The Boys of Summer series.