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Playing It Close - Kat Latham

This is the second book in the London Legends series, which pertains to the London Legends rugby team.

Tess Chambers decided to go to Venezuela to escape the horror that has become of her life. After having to testify in court against her former employer, she needed a break. Tess is tired of the men in her life making fun of her, even calling her Titless Tess. She decides while she is in Venezuela she is going to take charge of her life and do things that she normally wouldn't do. Coming into her hotel after attempting to skinny dip at midnight, she ends up getting stuck in the lift (elevator) with none other than Liam Callaghan, captain of the London Legends, Tess's favorite team. Liam is there trying to get over the death of his mother.

Their time in the elevator was great! They both end up pretending they are other people but they really hit it off. After spending the next day together, they decide to go on a hike to the cloud forest and things get really heated, especially under a waterfall. Let's just say....HOT! After their hike, Tess gets an unexpected call and has been summoned back before the court again and must leave Venezuela and Liam. She sneaks out of his bed early the next day with just a dear John letter. Liam is unhappy because he was thinking he could actually have something special with this girl.

Back in London, Tess's cousin Charlie gives her a job. He wants his company to be the next big sponsor for the London Legends and wants Tess to be in charge of it because she is good with numbers and is a huge fan of the Legends. What he doesn't know is about her time with Liam in Venezuela. The first meeting with everyone was a hoot! The calendar shoot....priceless!

I loved how these two people, who both had certain issues with things in their lives, found a nice balance with each other. For the first time Tess felt like a man actually liked her and Liam felt that a woman liked him for himself, not for his status. I even liked how when it looked like things were starting to fall apart between the two of them, they both finally realized how special the other was to them.

I really loved Tess's family. They seem like a hoot...especially her dad.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. Not knowing much about rugby it was fun to learn new things. I would definitely recommend this book. It was great, sexy, fast read.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.