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Code of Honor: A Spontagio Family Novel - Missy Johnson

Code of Honor is a new series from Missy Johnson. Pietro Gustovi is 15 when his parents are murdered, in what appears to be a mob hit, and he has to go to America to live Giovanni Spontagio and his daughter Lucia. Pietro and Lucy grow up together and have a special bond that is constantly pulling them together. Out of respect Pietro never tries to develop anything more than a sisterly attitude toward Lucy. Now eight years later Lucy is making that job much more difficult. Lucy whole life she has always wanted to dance professionally. She sneaks off from Chicago to New York to try out for the American Ballet Company. When she finds out she actually made call backs, she realizes she has to tell her father. Her father has always been very over protective of her, especially since her mother passed away. Lucy knows that her father's business is a little shady, but she has never questioned him. She has always had everything she has ever wanted in life. Her father of course doesn't want her to go but then changes his mind after he decides Pietro will go to New York without Lucy knowing he is there to watch over her. I really enjoyed the New York part of the story. I loved how as Pietro watched over Lucy, his feelings kept intensifying. I really enjoyed their texting and talking to each other on the phone. What Lucy did to Pietro once she found out he was in New York watching over her was great! Once these two accepted their feelings for each other, their chemistry was off the wall. Pietro knew he shouldn't be with Lucy but her pull was just too strong.

The side story with Pietro parents was interesting but I wish there was a little more information about it. I also didn't like the abrupt ending where Lucy just went back to Chicago. If her dad had that much money, why didn't he just hire a body guard to be with her at all times? When Lucy decides to go to Paris to dance, I couldn't believe that Pietro would just let her leave. I understand that he wants her to be safe but that surprised me. Then all of sudden they way the book ended, I was like, WHAT? I guess I didn't realize that there would be a cliffhanger. I'm usually the type that waits for all the parts before I read them because I really hate to have to wait. :) Overall it was a great read and I can't wait for the next part.