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This was a really great, sexy and tender read all wrapped up in one!

— feeling amazing
Coveted (Pandora's Playground Series Book 1) - Alannah Lynne, Cassie McCown

Coveted is the first book in Alannah Lynne's new Pandora's Playground series. Muriel Stewart lost her husband, Ian almost one year ago. Ian, along with his best friends, Mathew and Lucas ran Pandora's Playground, a private BDSM club. Lucas thinks it's time that Muriel gets back to the life she loved and tells her to come to the club. What she doesn't know is that Lucas and Mathew have a surprise for her. Before Ian's death, the three of them started to design a new area in the club per Muriel's suggestion with plans of it being done for her birthday. As the guys show her the new area privately, Lucas suggest the three of them "play" together. Mathew is hesitant because he has been in love with Muriel since he first met her but has always kept a distance since she belonged to one of his best friends. Lucas forces the issues making Mathew reveal that he does have feelings for Muriel and that he doesn't hate her as she has always thought. This new development causes Mathew and Muriel to open up their eyes to new possibilities. I loved the journey these two went on to get their happy ever after. Muriel had to deal with the death of Ian and her guilt for moving on, while Mathew had his own demons to face. These two together finally realized what everyone else around them already knew...that they belong together. This was a really great, sexy and tender read all wrapped up in one!