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Teach Me - Ella Sheridan

I have never read anything by Ella Sheridan before but that will change. She developed wonderful characters, a suspenseful story and some really sexy scenes.

Jess Kingston is recovering from being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Brit. She is finally back to work after 8 weeks of recovery. Every Monday Jess and her best friend, Cristina always stopped at the local coffee shop for coffee and she was nervous being back out in the public, not knowing where Brit was. What she didn't realize was that the same handsome stranger she used to see before has also been enamoured with her. Conlan James is thrilled his brown haired, doe eyed beauty is back after 8 weeks. Because of things that happened in Con's past he realizes that he can't do anything about Jess and leaves. Jess and Cris leave as Cris walks her to her car. Cris says goodbye and leaves and guess who shows up! Brit! As Brit starts to get irritated, guess who shows up...Con! Brit leaves pissed. Con introduces himself and quickly deduces the situation. He offers her a business card for JCL Security and explains maybe she should take some self-defense classes. After more contact from Brit, Jess decides to sign up for classes, and Con ends up being her instructor. It is obvious these two have VERY strong chemistry. As Brit steps up his determination to make Jess his again, Jess and Con get closer and closer. Once Con gets the entire story of Brit he has full security on Jess. The story progresses with high and lows and kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not put this book down. I never expected what happened at the end to actually happen. Wow! Great story Ms. Sheridan. You have a new fan!