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Dictatorship of the Dress - Jessica Topper
I won a copy of this book but let me tell...I'd have paid full price for this book. WOW! This is my first Jessica Topper book and after reading this story she has a new fan.

This book is Helena "Laney" Hudson's story. All her life Laney has been considered a screw up. She picks the wrong guy, the wrong career, the wrong everything. As she is traveling to Hawaii from New York for her mother's third wedding, Laney is given the job of getting the dress to the wedding unscathed. When Laney's mistaken for being the bride, she is bumped up to first class and gets seated next to our hero Noah Ridgewood. Noah is dressed in a grey suit, all prim and proper and looks like the stick in the mud type of guy that Laney doesn't like. The airline workers assume Noah is her groom. Loved the banter between these two on the plane. Too funny! Laney doesn't know that Noah is actually on his way to Las Vegas for his bachelor party but he is having serious second doubts of going through with his wedding. Loved the character of Sloan, his fiancee! I can't even imagine being with someone like that! As Laney and Noah make their way to Chicago to get their connecting flights, weather has grounded everything. Through a fun series of mishaps, they two of them get the last room available in the hotel...the bridal suite! OMG! The conversations between these two were perfect! I loved how they were themselves, and I loved the growing attraction between the two. The exploring of Chicago was so fun. You couldn't help but want these two together. I loved the back story Laney had with Allen. It ran through all the emotions. I loved Noah's time in Las Vegas with his friends.....so funny. Most of all I loved the ending...PERFECT!

Thanks Jessica Topper for such a wonderful story! I couldn't put this book down, it was that good! :) Thanks!