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Callie and Wade are explosive!

Going All In (Heat Wave Book 4) - Alannah Lynne, Cassie McCown

I love this series by Alannah Lynne and couldn't wait for Wade and Callie's story and it was certainly worth the wait.

Wade is a down to earth, construction worker who was burned a year ago by his fiance, Miranda, when she called off their wedding the week before it was to happen. Miranda is a rich, spoiled woman who decided she needed to cheat on Wade, causing him to have trust issues, especially with rich women.

Callie looks just like Miranda and the first time Wade met her, he can tell she comes from money and he instantly dislikes her. What he doesn't know is that Callie doesn't use any of the money from her trust fund...she got a job and is trying to support herself.

When Wade and Callie are forced to work together on a project for Kevin's company, they start to develop feeling for each other. I loved their fun times together as Wade is helping Callie experience life and do things she has never done before. Their sexual tension is wonderful! Wade begins to think that Callie really doesn't have money any more.

Just when things are going great, Kevin finds out about Callie's trust fund and doesn't take it well. I loved the story line with the guys scuba diving. I love how it brought Wade and Callie back together and I really loved their happy ending. I hope we get to hear more things from these two!