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Banking the Billionaire - Max Monroe

Cassie Phillips and Thatcher Kelly met through mutual friends.  They are both very competitive people.  Thatch loves to live a carefree life with no commitments except in the business world.  Cassie just sticks to her photography with an occasional hookup, but nothing more.  So what happens when these two commitment phobes hook up?  F-U-N!

When Thatch ends up in jail back in his hometown he calls Cassie to bail him out.  Even though he woke her up, she reluctantly agrees.  By the time he is sprung, she has already become fast friends with the sheriff!  Now the fun is really beginning!  

Cassie and Thatch like to play a little game of one-upmanship and neither of them like to lose!  Quickly things start to escalate and neither of them will back down.  As these two keep upping one another, they start to have real feelings for each other and both realize that they may be falling hard for the other.  Too bad things from the past may deter them from getting their happy ending unless they both take a leap of faith into the unknown.

OMG I just loved both of these two characters.  They both had the best foul-mouthed fun attitude and their game of one-upping was so fun!  I just adored this story and cannot say enough wonderful things about it!

The Princess - Lisa Renee Jones
The Bastard ended up on a cliffhanger and here we quickly find out who grabbed Harper.....thankfully it was Eric. Now that Eric realizes that someone is trying to take out Harper, he is more than determined to protect her.

As Eric and Harper try to deal with all the lies, secrets and danger and figure out what is really going on, they continue to grow closer. Just when it looks like everything between them is perfect, another secret is exposed that could end everything. Too bad it ends on another cliffhanger!
His Demand - Lisa Renee Jones

Gabe Maxwell is a very successful lawyer, who along with his brother Reid have just pushed their father out of the family business. Gabe doesn't have time in life for a relationship but when an interesting redhead kisses him in a bar, consider him intrigued. Abigail "Abbie" Tanner is also a lawyer but her ex-a$$hole of a husband has been trying to make her life hell and she needs the help of Gabe and Reid's firm. When Gabe agrees to help, he goes all out. No one is going to mess with this captivating woman who has stirred something inside of him. As Gabe tries to fix everything that Abbie's ex is throwing at them, they start to get closer and closer and feelings are getting mixed in and he realizes that he is actually happy. Just when life is starting to look perfect, a bombshell is dropped! I just love these characters. Gabe is an alpha with a touch of sweetness added in. Abbie is strong and fierce and doesn't like men to run her life but for some reason she feels safe with Gabe. I can't wait until the next book to see where all this leads!

The Wedding Deal - Cindi Madsen

Lance Quaid just inherited the worst losing football team in the NFL from his grandfather. Now that Lance can no longer be a quarterback because of injury he's looking forward to turning the San Antonio Mustangs around. Too bad most of his staff doesn't seem to have the same attitude. When Lance ends up firing just about everyone, he makes Charlotte James' life miserable since she is the Human Resources Manager.

When Charlotte gives Lance a piece of her mind, Lance is quickly turned on by Charlotte's sassy mouth. Too bad she works for him because she is the first woman who has excited him since his ex-fiance cheated on him.

Charlotte is a rule follower and likes her life neat and orderly. While Lance doesn't like to follow rules, he quickly realizes that Charlotte is worth far more to him than an HR manager....she has a fantastic mind for football.

When Lance has to leave town for his brother's wedding, he convinces Charlotte to go with him so they can continue trying to form a football coaching staff. Charlotte reluctantly agrees, after making Lance sign a form called The Wedding Deal!!! While these two are in North Carolina for the wedding, things start to heat up after having to spend so much time together. Just when it looks like these two are going to get a happy ending, things from both of their pasts come back to haunt them causing Lance to say things that he will later regret. It will take a LOT of grovelling and one fun and interesting move to win back the heart of the woman he now realizes that he is in love with.

I just adored this story. Charlotte was such fun. I loved her knowledge of football. I also loved that some of the story seemed to tie in with the recent history of the Cleveland Browns (my fav team) even though the author said she is a die hard Denver fan. I also enjoyed Lance. It was fun watching him have to rely and trust a female again. I also loved Lance's crazy and strong family....they were all a hoot! Overall this was a great story with great, fun characters.

The Boyfriend Experience (The Boyfriend Experience #1) - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

Eric Miller doesn't do relationships....EVER. When he lost his twin sister at 16 yrs old, Eric's life changed forever and he never wants to go through that sadness again. Evie Bennett is sick and tired of the idiots she keeps dating and wonders why they always end up cheating on her. After just breaking up with the last idiot, Evie needs a pretend boyfriend for her family reunion the next weekend. When when of Evie's clients suggests she use a new app called The Boyfriend Experience she is skeptical but decides to try it. When Eric gets a notification from The Boyfriend Experience app, he is not happy with his best friend and business partner because he knows Leo and his brother Dylan are behind it! Eric is intrigued by the beauty he sees but says he will let her down easily. Too bad when Dylan was going to "take care of it" for Eric, he really sends Evie a request to meet! LOL Of course after meeting Evie in person, Eric is instantly hooked and decides he will be her pretend boyfriend for the weekend. He can keep things objective! After spending more and more time together, feelings are quickly getting involved between Evie and Eric. For once in their lives they are both being open and honest about everything because neither of them think anything more will come of their relationship after the weekend. It's funny how fast that changes! It was fun watching these two who started off pretending quickly turn into something real. I just adored Eric. He really did turn out to be perfect boyfriend material. Overall another great book from these two authors. I laughed, I cried and I swooned!

Moonlight & Whiskey - Tricia Lynne

Avery Barrows is tired of being treated like crap by guys. They cannot accept that she may be a little curvier than most girls and they mostly cannot accept that she is smart and damn good at her job as a mechanical engineer. Needing a break from her real life Avery and her best friend Kat, a retired super model, decide to head to New Orleans for a week of fun.

After checking into their hotel Avery crashes into the best looking guy she has ever seen and lets loose her smart mouth attitude. What she doesn't realize is that this guy, Declan McGinn, is very attracted to her curvy figure and especially her smart mouth. After finally convincing her that he wants to take her to dinner to apologize for running into her, the sparks begin to fly. Things quickly heat up between these two but just as it looks like they will get a perfect happy ending, demons from both of their pasts come haunting back. It will take a huge leap of faith for both Avery and Declan to get to that happy ending, but they do.

I just loved this story. Both of these characters were so fun, as were their friends. Many times I'd find myself just laughing out loud while reading this. This story was also sexy and fun. I was just in New Orleans in October of 2018 so it was fun reliving all the places I had been to. Overall this was a fun, sexy read with great characters and a great first book for a new author. I look forward to reading Kat's story!

Cheaters Anonymous - Lacey Silks

This story is a continuation from When Things Go Wrong. It picks up from where that book ended.

Scar comes crashing back into Julia's life in such a fun, LOL way, too bad he doesn't realize it is her. When Julia cannot get Scar off of her mind, she decides to head to the strip club Hounds (the same place he was at when he came into the ER) in hopes of seeing him. While Julia is scared and nervous to be in Hounds because of her past, she has a much stronger desire to see Scar.

When she sees Scar all those feelings come crashing back and he seems just as excited to see her. Quickly these two realize that maybe there is more to these feelings than they realized. Too bad neither of them do relationships and Julia has sworn off men for the last two years. Scar wants to be with Julia any way he can and is convinced he can win her over. For the first time in his life he wants to try and have a relationship. Too bad things from Julia's past seem to keep getting in the way. When danger starts to affect Julia's life, Scar has had enough and decides to go into alpha mode.

It will take a crazy, unthinkable story line to get these two to a happy ending but boy is it worth the ride. I just loved both of these broken characters. It took them a long time to realize that what both of them were always searching for was just each other! This story will make you laugh, cry and swoon.

When Things Go Wrong - Lacey Silks
This book is a prequel to Cheater's Anonymous.

Julia Blakely has sworn off relationships. Ever since her mom left her cheating father, Julia has felt the sting. While in high school Julia because best friends with Nick "Scar" Wagner. They both seemed to bond over their shared beliefs and smoking pot. Five years after high school Julia runs into Scar at a ski lodge and many old feelings come rushing back. When an avalanche forces them into close quarters, things get a little heated. Just when Julia thinks maybe she could be in a relationship with Scar, he ups and leaves.

Flash forward and Julia is now a doctor living in New York. Guess who comes into her ER? Scar....in a most interesting predicament! ;) This is where the prequel ends....quickly go read Cheater's Anonymous!
The Fireside Inn: The Billionaire Bachelors - Lily Everett

When Miles Harrington gets engaged he wants his best friends, Leo, Zane and Cooper to be groomsmen in his wedding and he would love it if the other billionaires came and spent a few week on Sanctuary Island. Miles did warn the guys that when you come to the island, most people end up finding love. Of course all his bachelor friends laugh at this notion so Miles' makes a bet that whoever does not fall in love by the day of his wedding can have his helicopter and launch pad at the club.

Lord Leo Stratham may be from British royalty but he knows he will always be a bachelor. When Leo has to pick a reading to be read at Miles' wedding he knows that he needs help.....Leo doesn't know how to read very well. Leo decides to head to the Sanctuary Island library for help. There he meets Serena Lightfoot, the town's quirky head librarian. As these two spend more time together, things heat up quickly. Just as it looks as if these two will get their happy ending, Leo's secret comes to life and Serena feels betrayed because of events from her past. It will take a lot for this stubborn Brit to throw away his pride in order to win the woman's heart he truly wants.

This was such a sweet novella. I really liked both of these characters and really enjoyed their happy ending.

Christmas in Tahoe - Elisabeth Barrett

Ann Smith, an Actuarialist, has been having a hard time with life for the past two years since her fiance passed away right before their Christmas wedding, especially during the Christmas season. When her best friend Mandy has to delay coming on their trip to Lake Tahoe for skiing, Ann is bummed. Mandy says her friend Chase will drive her up there and she will come in a few days. Ann tends to over analyze things and isn't sure she wants to travel with some guy she doesn't know but she ends up going anyways. Along the way they run into all kinds of issues but Ann decides she is going to be brave and come at them head on.

Chase Deckert lives life by his own rules now after his previous business partner screwed him over. He tends to spend most of his time in Lake Tahoe snowboarding and even giving lessons. As Chase and Ann spend more time together, things start to heat up. When ghosts from their pasts start to creep into their lives, Ann and Chase needed to decide if they were going take that leap of faith to find something that may be the best thing they've had ever known.

I really enjoyed this fun, heartfelt story. Both Ann and Chase are sweet, really nice people who have had bad things happen to them in their past. It was great seeing them get past their demons to find their happy ever after

Old Dog New Tricks - Roxanne St. Claire
This book is FINALLY Daniel "The Dogfather" Kilcannon's story. After losing Annie, the love of his life and the mother of his 6 children, Daniel never thought any other woman could even create a flicker of interest in his broken heart.....but boy was he wrong. When a girl from his past, the same one who introduced him to Annie comes back into his life, he thinks that maybe Annie is trying to pull some strings to help Daniel move forward in his life. Unfortunately that is not the reason that Katie Rogers Santorini comes back around. Instead she has some information that is going to throw Daniel's life into a tailspin.

As these two decide how to deal with the fallout her news has created, they start to spend a lot of time together, even meshing their two large families. Katie is now a widower and is ready to move on, but Daniel is not so sure. It will take all 11 kids, their spouses and grandchildren to be able to get these two to their happy ending....but man is it worth it!

If you have been reading this series, then be prepared for a really emotional ride....no I mean REALLY EMOTIONAL!!!! I loved Daniel and Katie's back story. I loved the people they both have become and together they both deserved this happy ending. As with all the books in this series, there is a new dog, a new baby and a possible new romance. I'm so excited and cannot wait for the next book. Thanks for the perfection this story brought!
Sealed with a Kiss - Carly Phillips

We met Daniel Hunter in Cross My Heart and now he gets to have his own happy ending. Back in law school Hunter met Molly Gifford and was instantly smitten. He tried multiple times to get her to go out with him but nothing ever panned out. Now Molly is in Hawken's Cove because her mom is engaged to Lilly's Uncle Mark. When Molly's mom's engagement ends, and Molly finds out who her real dad is, she decides to leave town and Hunter to go find the family she has always longed for.

After being gone a year, Molly all of a sudden shows up on Hunter's doorstep needing his help. Her real father has been charged with murder and Molly needs him to defend her dad. Hunter reluctantly agrees but decides he is walking away from Molly for good once the trial is over.

Throughout the investigation into the murder, Molly and Hunter grow close again and they both realize they never stopped loving the other....now if they could only trust the other.

It was really fun going through the mystery of who killed Molly's dad's partner and the final reveal was worth it. Throughout this story Molly realizes that she has finally found what she always wanted in her new family and especially in Hunter. I just loved all the crazy characters in Molly's new family. Grandma "Commander" Edna was a hoot as well as her macaw, Ollie. Overall this was a fun romance with a little bit of mystery thrown in and a perfect happy ending.

Cross My Heart  - Carly Phillips

Ten years ago Lilly Dumont with the help of her best friends, Ty Benson and Daniel Hunter, faked her own death at 17 years old to get away from her Uncle Mark who had custody of her after her parents died.  He also had custody of trust fund and liked to make her life a living hell.  Ten years later she is living in New York City and doing ok for herself under her new name, Lacey Kinkaid.  When Hunter finds out that Lilly's uncle is going to declare her dead so he can get her trust fund, he let's Ty know and together they decide to find Lilly and let her know.

Ty, being a PI, has always kept tabs on Lilly.  He has always had a place for her deep in his heart and wished things had turned out differently.  Now Ty knows he has to go face his past and the girl he loved and lost.

Lacey's life in New York City was rough at first, but thanks to a wonderful lady, Lacey's has her own thriving business, Odd Jobs, where she and her staff perform odd jobs for people who need the help.  After a long day at work, imagine Lacey's surprise when a knock at her door is not her boyfriend, but the boy she has always loved, Ty!  All the old feelings came rushing back for both of them!

Ty explains to Lacey what he is doing there and she agrees to come back to Hawken's Cove to claim her inheritance and that is when the fun begins.  Uncle Mark is shocked to see her but he claims that he is a changed man and is happy she is alive.  Of course Lacey and Ty don't believe him.  When Lacey is told that she can't claim her trust fund until her birthday (in a month), Lacey decides to hang around Hawken's Cove until then.  During that time, Lacey has to deal with her boyfriend back in New York City who is still waiting on an answer to his marriage proposal; her feelings for Ty; her uncle, and the fact that someone is trying to kill her.

This story takes you on a fun mystery trying to find out who is wanting to kill Lacey, while taking you through all of the emotions that she goes through being back in touch with Ty.  I just loved these two characters, along with Hunter.  I cannot even begin to think how Lacey felt going through her life the way she did but the happy ending she eventually received was well worth it!  This was a fun re-release of a second chance romance.

Legend - Sawyer Bennett

If I didn't know better, I'd think that Sawyer Bennett is really a guy hockey player in real life. She really knows how to write a hockey romance!

This book is Legend Bay's story! After first meeting Pepper Nantais in Erik's story....where Legend and Pepper clashed...you just knew these two would get together. Legend grew up in a military household so he likes his life very orderly. As the goalie for the Arizona Vengeance, Legend follows a very strict regiment that has worked well for him. When Legend moved into his house he didn't realize that his new hot neighbor, Pepper, was so over the top. She likes her life loud and colorful and it drives him nuts. These two love to spar and drive each other nuts but when Legend finds something unusual on his front porch, the first person he goes to for help is Pepper.

As Legend and Pepper deal with this new situation, they grow closer and Legend starts to realize that there is way more to Pepper than he ever realized. Just when it looks like these two are going to get a happy ending. someone from Legend's past has to go and cause trouble. In the long run, it ends up just making Pepper and Legend even closer.

This was a wonderful, fun and sexy story. I loved all of the characters involved and can't wait for Dax and Tacker's stories!

Skirt Chaser - Stacey Kennedy

What a fun, sexy story!  Greyson Crawford is owns Crawford Architecture and has hired Evie Richards to decorate his offices.  Grey may be a "skirt chaser" type of guy, but he doesn't mix business with pleasure so he is waiting until the day Evie is done at his company before he makes his move.  The day has finally come and just as Grey is going to make his move, he sees Evie crying and talking with his assistant Janet.  When Evie runs to the bathroom, Grey asks Janet what is up.  She tells him that Evie is the maid of honor this weekend at her best friend's destination wedding...oh and she is marrying Evie's ex!

Grey has the perfect idea and convinces Evie to take him to the wedding where he will play the perfect boyfriend and in exchange, he gets to have her.  Evie thinks it's crazy, but agrees.  The funny part was the pretending to be together quickly turns into really wanting to be together.

I loved Grey.....such a cocky, alpha male!  He knew what he wanted and went for it.  Big surprise for him was that he didn't realize just how much he really wanted.  Evie was the super sweet, always doing what everyone wanted girl and it was fun watching her morph into a stronger person.  Together these two were combustible!  Overall this was a great, sexy read!

Take Me Again - Carly Phillips

Sebastian Knight has spent most of his life as a playboy. He's easily likeable and usually can get whatever he wants. At 26 years old he thinks his life is perfect....until she returns....Ashley Easton....the girl he wanted when he was 18....technically she was his step sister at the time but so what. When they got caught together, Sebastian's father sent Ashley away to a boarding school and he hasn't seen her in 8 years.

After a night of drinking and hooking up with a stranger, Sebastian missed phone calls from his family. Ends up his brother Ethan's wife committed suicide. As the family is bonding together over their grief, who shows up but Ashley, all the way from London. Turns out she has kept in touch with Ethan all these years. Sebastian's irritated that she kept in touch with Ethan but not him. He thought they had something special. It also irritates him that he is even more attracted to her now than he was when he was 18!

Ashley knew she had to be back by Ethan's side. After all the times he helped her she needed to help him even though she knew she would be seeing Sebastian. 8 years later and a whole continent apart didn't stop the feelings she still has for him. As these two spend more time together, they get to a better understanding of each other and realize how strong their feelings are. Sebastian decides he wants a second chance and will do anything to get it. When a great opportunity opens up, Sebastian jumps at it to put his plan in motion to win Ashley back.

I just adored these two. Both of them never let go of the other and just kept going on with their lives never really fully happy. It took a huge tragedy for these two to finally get back together but it was so worth the wait and both finally got what they had always wanted. Great start to the new series.