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Seduction on a Snowy Night - Mary Jo Putney, Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries

This book has 3 Christmas Novellas included in it.

When Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill is abducted by Caroline Dunham that is when the fun begins.  Caro thinks that Adam is guilty of a certain action and she wants to set the record straight....too bad in the meantime she ends up falling for him.  This story was so fun and I just adored Caro.  She is a go getter and is not afraid of much!   4 Stars

A PERFECT MATCH by Sabrina Jeffries
We finally get Cassandra Isles story...she is Thorn's twin sister.  When Colonel Lord Heywood shows up at a ball to warn his friend's sister, Katherine "Kitty" Nickman about Captain Lionel Malet, Heywood never would have thought he'd fall in love with her cousin, Cass.  After all he always thought he was in love with Kitty and her wonderful letters.  I just adored Cass.  She is so matter-of-fact about everything.  5 Stars

Lady Diana Lawrence is back in London after having traveled the world.  She never expected to run into Anthony Raines, the now Duke of Castleton, so soon but the obvious chemistry was still there.  Diana is unsure if she ever wants to be married but Anthony lost Diana once and is intent on not letting that happen again.  It will take a kidnapping for Diana to come to her senses!  I just loved Diana.  She is not your typical member of the ton.  She was a hoot!  5 Stars

Seven Nights of Sin (Penthouse Affair #2) - Kendall Ryan

Book 1 ended when Presley calls Dominic to come and rescue her after a disastrous attempt at being an escort. Dom takes her back to his place to calm down and sleep. They talk a little but they still have a long way to go if Dom is ever going to trust Presley again.

Of course the more time these two spend together, the more the flames ignite. Dominic makes another offer that Presley cannot refuse.....come to London with him for business for one week and there the heat explodes! Things are going well between them again until Dom's past comes back to haunt him. He must finally decide if he is going to keep living in the past or if he is going to throw caution to the wind and go after what he really wants so they can have their happy ever after.

This was a great ending to this two book series. I really enjoyed both of these characters and their story!

Love on Lexington Avenue (The Central Park Pact Book 2) - Lauren Layne

We met Claire Hayes in the first book in this series.  Claire is the widow of Brayden, the man who was having an affair with a few different women.  Outside of Brayden's funeral, Claire meets Naomi and Audrey, two of these women and a great friendship begins.

It's been a year since Brayden's death and Claire thinks she is ready to move on with her life.  First up is renovating her brownstone.  When Naomi's boyfriend Oliver recommends his friend Scott Turner for the job you just know there will be fun.  Scott has always been chasing something in his life, but he just doesn't know what it is.  He prefers to keep life simple, including only one night stands.  Imagine his surprise when he first meets Claire and she is not the old widow he thought she would be.  She is also not the typical Upper East Sider.  

As Claire and Scott spend more time together they fall into an easy rapport.  Claire even starts telling Scott how she wants his help to get her back into the dating world starting with finding just a one night stand.  At first things are fun until Scott realizes that he may want Claire for himself.  It will take a huge leap of faith for this wandering loner to realize that maybe what he has always been looking for is standing right in front of him!

I just adored Claire and Scott.  Claire's life was stuck in a rut and she desperately needed to redefine herself.  I loved how she just jumped right in....sometimes a little hesitant but she still did it.  I also really loved Scott.  I love a man who can work with his hands....one of my weaknesses!  I loved their banter back and forth and quite a few times I found myself laughing out loud!  These two together were perfect and I just adored their happy ending. 

Code Name: Sentinel - Sawyer Bennett

Cruce Britton used to work in the Secret Service protecting Jonathan Alexander, then Vice President of the United States.  Now Jonathan is the President of the United States and has requested that Cruce and his boss, Kynan McGrath, owner of Jameson Force Security, fly into Washington D.C. for a private meeting.

The President is concerned about some chatter that was intercepted regarding the groundbreaking work that his niece, Barrett Alexander is working on and would like to hire Cruce to be her personal security.  Of course Cruce agrees.

Barrett is used to being in her own little world.  Most of her days are spent doing research and that is fine to her so when her uncle informs her that she will be have 24/7 security she is not happy but agrees.  As Cruce and Barrett spend more time together the sparks begin to fly!  When a kidnapping attempt is made, Cruce decides to take Barrett to a hidden destination which happens to be on a private tropical island.....now the real fun will begin!  Being secluded together will push them just enough to give into their desires.  Just when it looks like they may have found their perfect match, outside forces come in to blow everything apart.  It will take two very determined individuals to be able to win against this danger so Barrett and Cruce and finally get their happy ending.

I just adored Cruce...tall, dark and perfect!  I loved how he was so drawn to the quirky, nerdy Barrett.  Barrett is beyond smart and some might say naive to the ways of the world but deep down she is a good person.  I loved how Cruce was able to make her see that there are other parts to a life than just work.  Together they just worked.

BROCK (7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes #5) - Roxanne St. Claire

What an excellent story that I could not put down!

Brock Blackthorne is part of the wealthy Blackthorne family that has made their money through whisky, yachts and race cars that all bear their name.  Brock's job is to keep the brand name clean and he takes his job very seriously.  When Brock heads back to Boston after a vacation at the family house in King Harbor, Maine he happens upon a beautiful woman, Jenna Gillespie, when they both try to get the same cab in the middle of a rainstorm.  One thing leads to another and they end up spending the night together.

The next day, back at work, Brock meets with the journalist who would like to write a book about the Blackthorne family and it is none other than Jenna!  Brock decides he will work with Jenna just so he can oversee and control what she will write about.  Of course the more time they spend together, the more feelings start getting involved.  

When Brock and Jenna uncover an interesting lead, they work together to try to find out answers until Brock ends up blindsided.  It will take a whole lot of looking inside their hearts before these two can get to their happy ending but it will be so worth it!

I just adored Brock and Jenna.  They both were looking for something in their lives and they ended up finding it in each other.  It was fun watching both of them fall hard!

How to Catch a Wicked Viscount (Disreputable Debutantes) - Amy Rose Bennett

Sophie Brightwell comes from a family of lesser means. At her finishing school her and her best friends, Charlie, Olivia and Arabella decide for form a club, the Society for Enlightened Young Women.  Why should the men know about all of the wicked things about marriage, while the women have to be naive and innocent.  While investigating these wicked things they get caught and kicked out of school.  Now they are known as the disgraced debutantes.

When Sophie gets the chance to stay with Charlie's family who will host her debut, she sees Charlie's brother again, Nathanial "Nate" Hastings, Viscount Malverne.  Sophie has been attracted to Nate since she first laid eyes upon him.  When Sophie realizes that Nate is attracted to her, she thinks who better than to teach her about wicked things than the rake viscount himself.  As things start to heat up between the two, Sophie finds herself falling in love with Nate.  Too bad Nate deems himself as the type who will not love anyone.

Between the other gentlemen wanting to call on Sophie and the wicked thoughts Nate constantly has of her, it is going to take some great soul searching for Nate to finally realizes he has fallen in love with her.  Hopefully he is not too late!

I just adored these two.  Sophie was such a fun, forward thinking girl.  I love she behaved when it came to Nate.  I also really loved Nate.  It was fun watching this wicked playboy fall hard.  Together they were just so fun!  Great start to this new series.

Handle With Care - Helena Hunting

Wren Sterling's dream job is to work as a PR person for a big charity, preferably something to do with pediatrics. When Wren's mom suggests working with her friend, Gwendolyn Moorehead at Moorehead Media, Wren thinks this could be just what she needs in the form of connections. What Wren didn't expect was that her PR job was more of a babysitter for the younger, narcissistic Moorehead son, Armstrong. When the patriarch of the family suddenly dies, the oldest son, Lincoln, has to come back for the funeral.

Lincoln Moorehead has spent most of his life avoiding his entire family except for G-Mom, his father's mother. When Linc gets blindsided by G-Mom that she wants him to be the acting CEO for 6 months until they can find a suitable replacement he is not happy but reluctantly agrees. Then he meets her.....his brother's babysitter....and he is smitten!

The attraction between Wren and Linc is off the charts and they have a hard time keeping things platonic. When they finally give in to their feelings they both start to rethink things in their lives. Just when it looks like things are going wonderfully, secrets from both of their pasts come back to stir up trouble. It will take a strong faith in each other to get past these issues so they can find their happy ending.

I just adored Wren and Linc. Wren is such a fun, tough woman and she really knows how to handle anyone! Linc is the perfect guy. Tall, sexy and loyal! He really has his priorities on straight. Together these two just fit so well together and made this story such fun!

Feel the Heat - Kate Meader

Lili DeLuca really wants to get her masters in Fine Arts and pursue her dream job of photography but she is stuck in limbo.  Between helping take care of her mom who had breast cancer and helping her dad run the family's Italian restaurant, Lili is nervous to make the next move.

When Lili's sister, Cara brings her work back to Chicago, it causes many interesting feelings inside Lili.  Enter Jack Kilroy....hot, British, chef extraordinaire!  It seems Jack is going to challenge Lili's dad to cooking contest.  Tired of living her life in limbo, Lili decides to stop playing her life safe and hits on Jack.  Too bad for once in his life Jack has sworn off one-night-stands so he suggests a slower, getting to know each other...dating approach.  Of course this demoralizes Lili because she thinks since she is not the tall, slender type of woman that Jack is just not interested in her.  During the time Lili and Jack are together, it becomes very obvious that there is more heat between the two of them then in the kitchen!  Too bad one of those moments makes it to the internet and causes a huge sensation!

It will take a huge leap of faith from both Lili and Jack for these two to find their happy ending but thankfully they do!

I just adored Jack.  He was just sick and tired of everyone treating him like a piece of meat.  He really just loves to cook and longs for that simpler time in his life.  Lili was the type of person who always wants to please everyone.  Instead of sticking up for herself, she tends to get taken advantage of.  Together these just really balance each other out well and I really enjoyed their love story.

Dare Me Tonight (The Knight Brothers, #3) - Carly Phillips
Dare Me Tonight is Ethan Knight's story and his special lady is none other than Sienna Dare, youngest step-sister to my favorite, Gabriel Dare!

Sienna has just graduated from college and is at a crossroads in her life. She is not sure if she wants to get her masters degree or just jump into the job market. When Sienna is convinced to travel to New York City to hear about a great master's program, Gabe contacts his friend, Ethan Knight to see if he'd be willing to be his sister's companion for the weekend. Ethan reluctantly agrees.

When Ethan first sees Sienna, he realizes that she's not the little kid he was expecting but a sexy, confident woman. Sienna is just as surprised to find that Ethan is not some old, middle aged boring man, but a young, sexy, very attractive man that she thinks she wants to lose her virginity to! Ethan may still be feeling the pain from his cheating deceased wife, but for the first time a woman has actually sparked some interest in his mind. Things quickly heat up between Ethan and Sienna and they end up having a fun, sexy weekend.

A few weeks later, imagine Sienna's surprise when Ethan ends up in Florida, setting up security on her brother's stadium and he runs into Sienna. Things heat up again. Ethan doesn't want to let Gabe know he is sleeping with his sister and suggests keeping it quiet. This pisses Sienna off because guess what.....she just found out she is pregnant! Now these two strong headed people have to decide how they are going to handle this news. It will take a lot of heavy thinking on Ethan's part if he can go through trusting a woman again. Thankfully, smart heads prevail and Ethan and Sienna get their happy ending.

I just loved Ethan. He was so jaded because of what his deceased wife did to him. It really took the right woman to help Ethan see that not all woman are bad. Sienna really was like an angel sent to bring him back to life. Sienna may have been young, but she has been through a lot in her life and she really did deserve to get a happy ending. I loved how Carly Phillips brought both of these series together....it was so fun!
Passion on Park Avenue (Central Park Pact #1) - Lauren Layne

Naomi Powell has spent her entire life trying to prove she is better than that little girl who got kicked out of the Park Avenue household her mom worked at because her mom was caught in a compromising position with the man of the house.  Now, Naomi run a billion dollar jewelry company and has the world at her hands.

When Naomi receives a phone call about her application for an apartment at the same Park Avenue building that they were kicked out of she is intrigued.  Once realizing that her deceased mother filled out her application, Naomi is ready to leave when who walks in but Oliver Cunningham, the son of the family that threw them out.  Too bad Oliver doesn't recognize Naomi.  After exchanging a few choice words, Naomi walks out with her head held high.  Imagine her surprise when she is later called and told that she has the apartment.  Imagine her further surprise when Naomi already realizes that her neighbor is Oliver....it seems he is very intrigued by her.  Naomi decides that she must confront her past and confront the Cunningham men but quickly learns that Walter Cunningham is not the same man she knew....he know has Alzheimer's.  As much as Naomi wants to hate the Cunningham men she is starting to realize that she actually likes them.

As Naomi is trying to make her way through all that life has thrown at her, she must decide if she can let go of the past in order to be able to move on into the future.

I really liked Naomi.  She is so strong willed.  Sometimes she is a little stubborn but based on her past it is easy to see why.  I really loved Oliver.  He just seemed like my perfect type of hero....strong, sexy but compassionate and the sexual attraction between these two was crazy.  I really also enjoyed Naomi's friends that she had met through an interesting circumstance and I can't wait to read their story's.  Overall this was a fun, sexy enjoyable read.

The Two Week Arrangement (Penthouse Affair #1) - Kendall Ryan

I just love Kendall Ryan's books.  She always seems to have such emotion along with such fun, witty banter and this story is no exception.  This is book one of a two book series, and it does end on a cliff hanger.

Dominic Aspen is the CEO of Aspen Hotels at only 26 years old.  He is a work-a-holic but what most people don't know is that he is also a single dad to two twin girls that are 2 years old, Emilia and Lacey.  When Aspen Hotels decides to test out four different interns, with the hope of hiring one of them, Dominic never expected to be very drawn to one of the candidates.
Presley Harper has put herself through college always striving to be the best.  Presley is also supporting her brother, Michael, through college because their father abandoned them once her mother passed away because of Michael's sexuality.  Even though they are struggling to make ends meet, Presley has always dreamed of working for Aspen Hotel's and is hoping to be the best intern candidate so she can win the coveted position.  On Presley's first day she is blown away by her immediate attraction to Dominic Aspen.  Knowing he is the CEO, she tries to steer clear, but he ends up picking her to work directly with him.

The electricity between these two is dangerous and things quickly heat up.  Dominic makes Presley an offer she can't refuse....pretend to be his girlfriend to help woo a client and he will pay her $500 each time they are together.  Well pretending quickly turns into more.  Just when it looks like things are going perfectly, Dominic finds something that blows everything up and he forces Presley away.

Wow, Presley is a force to be reckoned with.  She is smart, strong willed and doesn't give up.  Dominic shares these traits, but he is also dealing with a ghost from his past and has a lot of trust issues.  I can't wait to see how this story is going to conclude in the next book!

A Highlander Walks Into a Bar - Laura Trentham

Isabel "Izzy" Buchanan is a strong, sassy girl who still lives with her mom in Highland, GA. It's been 10 years since she lost her dad but together they still host the annual Highland Games, honoring their Scottish tradition. When Izzy's mom goes to Scotland for a vacation and some research, Izzy is completely surprised to find that her mom brought back a souvenir in the form of a tall, Scottish older man! Enter Gareth Connors. What is really strange is that for the first time since her father died, her mom actually looks happy. While Izzy is trying to wrap her head around their new house guest, she is even more surprised when another Scot shows up in the form of a tall, dark, sexy Alasdair Blackmoor, who actually lives in London.

Alasdair is in Highland at the request of his mother to track Gareth down, who is actually his uncle. Alasdair spent his youth with Gareth at the family home....it seems that Gareth is an Earl back in Scotland. When Alasdair meets Izzy he is instantly smitten. He does love a sassy woman! As Izzy and Alasdair spend more time together feelings start to develop and quickly they start up a friends with benefits type of relationship. When Alasdair decides to stay in Highland a little longer than he was expecting, things at his work start to explode. Alasdair finds himself at a crossroad between Izzy, work and his yearning for Scotland. He needs to make some big decisions in order to find his true happiness and be able to keep the woman of his dreams.

I really enjoyed Izzy and Alasdair's story. It was fun learning about things from Scotland and overall this was an enjoyable read.

How to Hack a Heartbreak - Kristin Rockaway

Mel Strickland has a computer science degree but is stuck working at the help desk at Hatch, a start up company that helps young coding designers acquire funding to develop their computer project. Mel is smarter than most of the "Hatchlings" trying to code, but in a male dominated field, she finds she is getting no where.

After a few horrible dates using the app Fluttr, Mel decides to develop her own app....JerkAlert....which will work with Fluttr to warn other females of any guys on Fluttr that turn out to be jerks. Overnight her app goes viral.

Mel finally meets a decent guy, one of the Hatchlings, Alex Hernandez, and they are getting along great until she decides to look him up on JerkAlert. Let's just say that this is going to blow everything up in Mel's world. Just when she thinks life couldn't get any better, her entire world caves in. It will take a huge leap of faith for Mel to find her happy ending with Alex but it ends up being worth it in the end.

I really enjoyed Mel. Being a computer programmer I could relate to a lot of what she went through. It was nice seeing a female portrayed as a smart programmer. I also really liked Alex. He was just a sweet, honest guy and he was perfect for Mel!

The Unhoneymooners  - Christina Lauren

These two ladies know how to write some of the best banter in Contemporary Romance books!  This story is a perfect example and is an enemies to lovers story!

Olive Torres is the twin that always has bad luck.  Now Olive's twin sister, Amelia "Ami" is getting married to Dean.  Ami ended up entering contest and won just about everything for her entire wedding, even the seafood buffet that ends up getting the entire wedding sick except for Olive, (because of her seafood allergy she ate chicken) and the best man, Ethan Thomas, brother of Dean (who will not eat food from a buffet).  When everyone is either throwing up or having bathroom issues, Ami and Dean convince Olive and Ethan to go on their Maui, HI honeymoon.  Even though these two don't like each other, they agree to go and pretend to be on their honeymoon.

As these two spend more time together, they start to realize that they actually do like each other and they are having more fun than they thought.  In typical Olive luck, she runs into her new boss and has to lie that she is there on her honeymoon.  Her and Ethan also run into his old girlfriend and continue the ruse.  Half way through the trip, it starts to feel more like a real honeymoon....in all ways! ;)  As these two talk more, Olive starts to realize that Ethan's brother may be cheating on his wife and feels like she needs to tell Ami.  As these two head back to Minnesota as a couple, things start to fall apart when secrets are opened up.  Some hearts end up broken, some hearts end up healed but it will take a huge grand gesture to for Olive and Ethan to find their own happy ending, but thankfully they do.

I just adored these characters.  They were both so fun and I just loved their banter.  I loved the names they kept calling each other!  LOL  I even adored Olive's crazy family!  They all were such a hoot!  Read this book....you will not be sorry!

Junk Mail  - Kendall Ryan

I sat down and read this book in one sitting.  It was that good.  It has been a long time since I laughed out loud so much while reading a book!

Josh Hanson has been communicating with a girl on a dating app when she gives him her number and tells him to send a d*ck pic.  Josh reluctantly agrees.  Little does he know but he ends up sending it to someone completely different because she gave him a false number.  Instead he sends it to Peyton Richards and that is when the fun begins.  Peyton and Josh spend the night texting back and forth and really enjoying the bantering.  Imagine Josh's surprise when he has to meet with a potential client and it Payton!  They both know that they need to keep their relationship completely platonic but that becomes increasingly more difficult.  When Josh and Peyton finally decide to give in to their feelings things are going great until life gets in the way and Josh makes a decision that will come back to haunt him.  Thankfully by the end he is able to redeem himself so that him and Peyton can have their happy ending.

I loved both of these characters....they were perfect...sexy, funny and hard workers.  I also just adored Peyton's grandma.  She was a hoot!  Overall this was a great story that I highly recommend!

Home Field Advantage - Liz Lincoln
Natalie Griffith is working her dream job at Sports and Leisure News Today (SLNT) as a sports beat writer under her idol, Ellen Blake. She has been assigned to follow the Milwaukee Dragons' football team for the season. What Natalie didn't expect was that Quinn Lowry, her ex, would now be on that team. She may be still feeling a little guilty for the article she wrote on him a few years ago.

Quinn cannot believe he is seeing Natalie in person again after all these years. She broke his heart when she left him, and then again when she wrote her article. Now he just wants to concentrate on making the team and doing a good job.

The more Natalie and Quinn see each other it becomes obvious that they both still are attracted to each other so they agree to one night together to get it out of their systems. So much for well thought out plans! LOL These two realize that one night is just not enough and quickly things start to escalate. Pretty soon they both find themselves falling hard but are both afraid to voice their feelings. As these two both take a long look at their lives they realize that they both need to make some changes if they ever want to find their happy ending.

I enjoyed this story. Both of these characters had demons from their past stopping them from having their one true love happy ending. They both needed to really dig deep down and come to terms with a few things in order for that to happen but when they finally did it was all worth it! I loved how they liked to work on old cars....that was fun and interesting to read. Overall a fun addition to this series.